A little about us.. a mummy and her three princesses.

My love for all things sparkly, glamorous and embellished began at a very young age. By the age of 7, I remember never being happy with any of the pairs of jeans my parents bought me and soon began embellishing them myself. Using the beads, buttons and studs I found all over our home I created something that was personal to me, an item of clothing I fell in love with.

Growing up I was torn between studying for a fashion degree and for my love of Business Studies. I had always been surrounded by a family of entrepreneurs. I was always interested in all the functions that make a business work and how incredible things can happen from a tiny idea. After careful consideration I managed to find a degree that covered all aspects of my interests. In June 2010 I received a 2.1 degree in Management and Marketing of Textiles from the University of Manchester. At that point in time, my hopes were to eventually work for a fashion brand in a brand development role. However, God had other plans...

That same summer I met the man who is now my husband. We married in July 2011 and started our young family soon after. We were blessed with three little princesses who became our world. I truly feel that becoming a mother helped put all my perspectives in place. Especially being a girl mum, I wanted to show them that they are able to fulfill their dreams no matter what stage they are in their lives.

Like most little girls they very quickly became interested in dressing up. All of them wanting to look different to each other, watching them switch their outfits up and see their styles adapting has been a dream. As they are growing up now I soon came to realise that I was teaching them to reach for the stars and fulfill their dreams. However, I had not fulfilled my own.

As a large family we have lots of parties, family functions and weddings to attend most summers. As the girls were growing up we soon came to realise there were not many places they were able to shop from that provided variety and style at affordable prices. We had become tired of the usual high street stores and much preferred to shop at smaller boutiques. For myself I was shopping from stores which sold clothes that I liked but the store experience wasn’t the luxury environment which I had hoped for.

With lots of anxious sleepless nights and much joy.. Valentina Rose was born. An online and in store retail experience where the customer is at the forefront of every aspect. The brand was curated for the fashionista who loves all things glamorous. Be it a young girl or a lady there is something available for everyone. There is the ability to purchase off the rail as well as create a bespoke luxury item of clothing to your hearts content. Each thread woven with love and each bead sewn with care.

This brand for myself and my girls is our footprint; in a world of chaotic opinions we found our voice. In this very moment, every girl and every woman dressed in Valentina Rose will shine the brightest. We hope you love your garments as much as we do.

Love, Raeesah and the girls xo